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Please get your first impression about our podcast here. Nobody who’s involved is a real media professional. We are down to earth, bottom standing with a lot of startup-experience.

# Inspiration

I am more than happy to introduce Nandar Matari  

She´s an incredible woman – born and raised in Myanmar, trained by monks, coming over to Europa and became a successful Sales Manager in the financial industry.

During this time I met her at the first time and had the chance joining personal meditation classes. Now she lives in NYC, fully focussing on meditation, mind-body-connection, energy healing and helping business people getting grounded and find more clarity in a fast paced environment. I am super excited talking to her.

# Entrepreneur

In a short interview Reginald introduced us into the long journey and incubation of Universal Language Translator from the idea in 1995 until a global patent in 2011. As a „Caribbean Child“ he relocated to Germany to push his idea.

2 major mindsets keeping him driving:

  • it´s not an option to stop once you decided to start
  • as he developed his idea he got told that it´s impossible to realize , not he’s proving them wrong


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