Your StartUp Podcast

Write your own growth story!

Your StartUp-Podcast

BYS will be your attendant on your growth journey

You’re going to found your own company? 

Yau already started?

You have a great idea?

Its your first business or your first business in a bigger size?

Here you’re right.

BYS is your Podcast to inspire, motivate and educate!

To many great ideas dont get realized 

or don’t get realized successfully. 

Our aim is helping you to change this!

Everybody is great and has the ability to achieve big goals, no matter how old or young you are, no matter what background you have.

Our Mission

with the BuildyourStrength Podcast we support founders, StartUp´s and all those, who like to unfold themselves with a great idea and an own business.


Depending on the topic the presentation is different. Basically, the interviews are available as video and audio.

Interviews with:

- Founders

- Entrepreneurs

- Investors

- Business coaches

- Persons from management positions

- People who have achieved the "impossible".

Presentations of business ideas, business plans or projects - live in front of an online audience that has the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenter.


The main goal is to let the audience participate in the wealth of experience of the conversation partner. For this reason, the topics are all about entrepreneurial topics, but also about personal growth, psychology, motivation, etc.

Concrete examples:

- Best Practice

- Achieve the seemingly impossible

- Failure is not an option 

- Dealing with failure and setbacks

- The mindset

- Maturity phases of companies, which steps at which time?

- How do I realize/finance my idea?

- Nature of financial investors

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There is nothing more powerful than an idea whos time has come.

—Victor Hugo


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